The Abit board features an excellent voltage regulator power design with high quality capacitors located in each major component section of the board that yielded superb stability during our testing with the latest beta BIOS. Build MP table 2. Program boot up speed 4. Enable keyboard interface 0A 1. We will be unable to do so.

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The above image shows that there is plenty of room, but as we will see in the Installation section later in this article, very large heatsinks may cause some problems. Also included are four rear USB 2.

ABIT AB9 Pro Specs – CNET

The Abit AB9 Pro accessories included everything needed to get you up and running. Let’s take a look at the AB9 Pro’s layout. Sign up now Username Password Remember Me. As most system builders have learned through experience, board component layout can be very key abt producing a clean system build. Power management final initialization 6.

Abit AB9 Pro P Motherboard Review | Layout and Features

Check validity of RTC value: One power connector out of place can create a mini wire routing puzzle game. Latest News Latest Videos. We expect to see these issues resolved by Abit before public release.


Dark Base Pro Rev. Program early chipset according to CMOS setup.

The RAM slot clips also come very close to the graphics adapter, so strong caution is urged when seating or unseating ram a9b the graphics card installed. While our BIOS is still beta and now includes full memory configuration capability, we were surprised at the stability of the BIOS during our benchmarking. However, due bait the amount of comments and the number of emails we received asking about the performance of the board with Core 2 Duo, we decided to provide a short update utilizing the Buyers Guide benchmarks.

Although the AB9 Pro went on sale a few days ago, the shipping BIOS does not provide the ah9 to fully configure the memory timings and ratios. They appear to have succeeded in this endeavor, as this is the most stable motherboard we have tested so far, but routing cables to the appropriate ports can be a bit trickier than usual.

Abit AB9 Pro 965P Motherboard Review

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Here is what lines the back of your system if you chose to install the AB9 Pro in it. Layout and Features As most system builders have learned through experience, board component layout can be very key to producing a clean system build.

Build MP table 2.


Also set real-time clock power status, and then check for override. There are two Gigabit Ethernet connections. Overall, the layout is acceptable, but certainly not perfect.

Intel P965: Mid-Range Performance Sector Roundup

If password is set, ask for password. SSD’s firmware encryption is pretty floppy. The very best board there can abkt a E up to Mhz? This question is for testing whether you are a human visitor and to prevent automated spam submissions.

Log in Don’t have an account? The power connection is placed on the far edge of the board.

There are audio connections providing 8 channel analog audio and an optical digital audio connection as well. The board was extremely stable during our benchmarking session with the revised BIOS. We were hoping to include this board in our Conroe Buyers Guide but unfortunately we did not receive this pre-release BIOS in time for testing. However if you zb9 a large heatsink and fan combination you may find the first RAM slot partially obstructed by the heatsink making RAM removal difficult.

Okay to enter Setup utility; i.