Ebay coins and paper money

ebay coins and paper money

Further, “eBay sellers that frequently list in coins, paper money and bullion will not be required to register for managed payments until these. ONLY EPHEMERA AND BOOKS AND SUPPLES CAN NOW BE SOLD, I JUST GOT THIS MESSAGE TRYING TO SELL AN IKE DOLLAR ON. eBay's fee system is reasonably simple: sales cost 10% of the asking price, while sellers with a store subscription pay 6% (these figures are.

Ebay coins and paper money -

As such, a seller with regular sales would expect to pay 4. Despite this, I have put quite a bit of money into design, advertising, and other necessities; when you factor this in, the 4. Try to look past it and move on. This is another thing to factor in when you start selling on eBay: just like in real life, you are going to run into people that you would rather avoid. Simply stated, eBay favors sellers that have a proven track record of selling items, as that results in money for eBay. Some of my best customers and friends were people who bought a single item from me on eBay, then paid attention to the business card I put in the package and contacted me directly. ebay coins and paper money


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