Free diamonds and coins on hay day

free diamonds and coins on hay day

In this video I talk about Hay Day Hacks, Hay Day Cheats, Free diamonds, Free coins, Bots, hay day mod, hay day hack , ect - and the TRUTH about Hay. Free Diamonds in Hay Day From the Mine​​ The mine in Hay Day is unlocked at level 24, and its main purpose is to provide a source for precious metals. It costs 21, coins and takes 35 hours to complete, so be sure to bank your coins and plan ahead. % working Hay Day Cheats That Actually Work can be check from this website. Earn free coins, get unlimited diamonds in Hay Day through these.

: Free diamonds and coins on hay day

Free diamonds and coins on hay day 413
Free diamonds and coins on hay day Expand your silo and barn: Hold on to all of the building supplies you find at first, even if it's tempting to sell them for a huge coin windfall. But, you're here because you're looking to gain diamonds rather than spend them. Check out the deals on Greg's farm each day: Greg is a non-player character NPC free diamonds and coins on hay day serves as your first friend in the game. Level 1 - Maintenance: Being that Hay Day is regularly updated, that means that there are windows of time where the game servers will be offline. This allows you to watch short advertisements, usually for other mobile games, in exchange for rewards. Prepare for your riverboat cargo requests in advance: When you send off a riverboat, check the requests for the next boat.
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Free diamonds and coins on hay day These achievements will only give you single-digit diamonds for each one completed, and many of them will be unlocked as you progress through the game - but it can't hurt to take a look at the ones available and adjust your playstyle so that you unlock them faster. These mystery boxes are sometimes free to open, and they can contain coins, building materials, and even free diamonds. Level 9 - Events: This one is essential to netting you diamonds for free in Hay Day. It can be difficult to spot them early on since your farm will be covered in trees and rocks, so make free diamonds and coins on hay day to look around from time to time. There's a twist though, you'll actually have to spend diamonds to make these - which might free diamonds and coins on hay day a bit too much of a gamble for most.
free diamonds and coins on hay day


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