Princess diana and charles coin 1981

princess diana and charles coin 1981

The Charles and Diana wedding coin was produced in to celebrate the wedding of Prince Charles and Lady Diana Spencer. More than million. The Royal Wedding Crown coin was issued to commemorate the wedding of Charles, Prince of Wales, and Lady Diana Spencer in The obverse of the coin. What You Should Know About the Charles and Diana Coin. The wedding of Prince Charles to Lady Diana in was a momentous.

Princess diana and charles coin 1981 -

The silver proof version, however, is worth substantially more. But it was the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II in that really cemented the commemorative crown as a souvenir to have, when some 6 million coins were produced to celebrate the event. For collectors, the latter-day commemorative crowns are not of great interest, but they do serve the purpose of getting newcomers into the world of coin collecting, which is always welcome. As early as the 19th century, the crown became a coin that was minted mainly for commemorative purposes — rather than for general circulation — and while it is legal tender, this does not mean a retailer has to accept it should it be presented as payment. As it happens, 27 million standard copper-nickel crowns were issued, along with a limited run of silver crowns and gold proof examples. Also inthe Royal Mint issued a very limited collectors run of a two-coin proof set. The Wedding Coin So, back to the subject of the princess diana and charles coin 1981, the Charles and Diana Wedding Coin, which was issued that year as a memento of the wedding of the century. Comprising of 22 carat gold, this coin was issued for the Falkland Islands. It is clear to see that the silver-proof version of the coin is what you should be looking out for. Is the Charles and Diana Crown rare and how much is it worth? While we were not to know at the time, we were watching an event that would lead into a princess diana and charles coin 1981 time for the Royal Family, ultimately ending in the death of Princess Diana — by then divorced from Charles — in princess diana and charles coin 1981


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