247 bitcoins net

247 bitcoins net

247 bitcoins net

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247 bitcoins net -


  1. Changes in our society are organized. Including financial systems such as crypto currencies. 9/11 attacks or COVID-19 aren't just bloody coincidences. Those releasing these events don't have human conscience, they are alien to the way humans act. They are ruling Earth events and probably have differing attitude to the value of human life. One explanation could be, that even human spirit is immortal, they know. I suppose 'aliens' have better perception abilities, may create illusions which can't be identified by humans, so in that way, they stay in a position of dominance. If by chance, I am completely wrong and the ones organizing our world are just rich filthy bankers, then those are the lowest forms of humans and I don't belong to this race. If money and more slavery work shall be the main topics in the future of Earth, then I say FUCK YOUR MONEY.

  2. You are right trading with an expert is the wisest thing to do and investing in bitcoin is securing the future.

  3. В @Lola LafayetteВ  je ne suis pas d accord avec toi, j ai jamais fait de credit de ma vie et j ai la dette de l etat sur le dos comme tous les francais ce qui n est pas normal... il faudrai interdire les credits a tous le monde: a l'etat, aux entreprises et aux peuples...

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