1.  @Tobberz  I hated being in the USA and getting a dollar in change as 4 quarters instead of a single coin!! My wallet's coin pouch completely died in the USA (like literally burst at the seams), even though I had expected (from media) to be mostly using notes/bills, as you had the $1 bill and all that. But what I hadn't expected was for sales tax to be added afterwards instead of in the list price, so 99¢ pizza ended up being $1.06 or something (I dunno the actual sales tax rates or I'd work it out I guess), and it quickly filled with nickels and dimes! The coins, being thinner than UK coins, I thought would be more convenient to use, but in practice it was just harder for me to dig around and find the right coins. Especially as almost all are just silver circles, while I had grown up around seeing/feeling an oddly shaped 20/50 in a pile of coins and being able to pick out the largest ones to try to pay with first. And don't get me started on the times a $20 was hiding between a bunch of $1 and I never noticed and had to take out more cash! Again, got spoiled by the notes being physically bigger on the bigger denominations here. (Of course if my bank only had a % foreign transaction fee I could've sidestepped all of that, but almost every UK bank also has a flat fee applied alongside – something like £1 or £2.50. So buying coffee and so forth with my card would've quickly resulted in half of all my spend going to transaction fees! But if I took out a hundred dollars or so at a time, the flat fee had a minimal impact. Naturally I wanted to try and balance for much I took out with how much I was comfortable carrying and so forth.)

  2.  @Brad White  thanks. I've been trying to find that one good place where you can exchange anything 🤔

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