Buy british coins

buy british coins

We are coin dealers who love old coins and we understand coin collectors, their love of old British coins and their need to buy antique coins. We also. Wessex coins is a recognised UK dealer and a proud member of both the BNTA and the ANA. The English Coin Company has many coins for sale. we have old coins and modern decimal We have a range of proof sets and silver proof coins aswell. The English Coin Company has been buying and selling coins for the last 4 years. buy british coins How do we do it? These are original, genuine coins and were actually used as money buy british coins the reign of King George VI. You'll get all the dates:, All coins will have been minted between and The coins will be in Very Good or better condition, considering that they are at least years old, we think they are in quite buy british coins nice condition. We have just bought a nice group of the Coronation Crown in Extremely Fine condition. All coins are original and genuine and struck buy british coins the Royal Mint, the ones that they are selling and the ones that we are selling are exactly the same.


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