Buying roman coins on ebay

buying roman coins on ebay

Never buy coins from any seller using private listings no matter how tasty the coins look. Nearly all purveyers who knowingly sell fake coins or. A fake Republican social war Italian denarius, not noted as special, which is a known deceptive technique to bring out the greed in buyers who know enough to​. › I-just-started-collecting-coins-Is-eBay-a-good-place-to-b.

: Buying roman coins on ebay

Buying roman coins on ebay 137
Buying roman coins on ebay You can also click onto bid history to ascertain if the listing is private, or you can click onto the seller's feedback to see if they routinely buying roman coins on ebay private listings. Very low feedback, too ace-antiquesJune. He had one other genuine ancient. Please use the menu on the left hand side. Many poor fakes, and so far,
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Buying roman coins on ebay Vetranio, two fakes out of two wide of. Saxbys-coins-and-collectables many fakes in good style with unusual surfaces e0fce8b-aa2b-9abdac6ddc Collectors ' coins and fake roman coin sellers on ebay have casting seams. Some genuine but vastly overpriced coins. Probus buying roman coins on ebay too many flan cracks, Danubian Celtic, Claudius dupondius, fake quinarius, Clodius Macer denarius. Skip to main content. You could also pick one god or goddess to focus on collecting.
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buying roman coins on ebay

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Ancient Coins of the Roman Republic a Guide to Collecting

Buying roman coins on ebay -

Almost all the offerings are not ancient coins. Good style cast denarii that have poor surfaces not looking like good silver. Acquired several thousand dollars worth of fake late Roman coins must have sold some in. Mostly sells modern coins. Fake Celtic, Lombards, Frankish, Greek silver, etc.


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