1. You people who think "no crash for years" don't get it. The big players control the market and the big players profit big from a crash. Once things start going sideways, a crash is going to be engineered. Any other thinking is propaganda to set up the retail investor to get taken. The big players are ruthlessly greedy mofos who play to win.

  2. Well I WAS eating a chicken sandwich but now I don’t want to also my cat is staring at me hep

  3. ah... so that's why I have BTT in my binance wallet... 😂 😂 😂 i been away from it all since 2017., and finally got back in to my binance account... and was like,... i dont remember buying BTT.. 😂. i see i had just coin also. i recently sent my trx to my exodus wallet but that don't support just. so what will happen to it?

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