1. the nwo is no secret here in hollywood, it's all out in the open and everybody knows about it but nobody talks about it here, we are all being watched and monitored through our devices and many people are being quietly killed as sacrifices to satan, this system is based on doing business with satan and the men who control it give him what he want's which is human souls and they get what they want from him. The evidence is becoming more and more obvious and the secret will soon be public knowledge. All of your favorite celebrities who have died mysteriously, supposedly of drug overdoses or helicopter accidents or car accidents were killed as sacrifices to satan, the last one was Kobe Bryant. They will always show you in music videos, tv shows, and movies what they are going to do before they do it. they are also the ones who are orchestrating all of this chaos we are seeing because it's necessary to establish their new world order system, they believe in order out of chaos and just like they orchestrated 9/11 to virtually eliminate our right of privacy for "the war on terror" they are getting ready to cause chaos on a scale never before seen on earth to establish their satanic new world order and have absolute control over us. Check out JayMyersDocumentaries and ACallForAnUprising channels on YouTube, and there are many many more channels/videos that explain all of this too, it's becoming more and more obvious what's going on everyday but people are still asleep.

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