1977 l 50 coin

1977 l 50 coin

I am offering a Vintage Italy lire 50 coin. Repubblica Italiana and Volcano. art. Very fine coin for very collectorsth birthday, 43th anniversary Italy. Details about Italy Coin L Circulated. Italy Coin L Circulated. Item Information. Condition: -not. You can see the value of the coin on the right, L, under the sign of the Mint (​Rome). On the left is engraved the year of mintage of the coin. The outline.

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Extremely Fine SPL or EF indicates that the coin has circulated for a short time and that it has been kept in excellent condition, keeping all the details defined and well readable. On the reverse side, the perlined edge is no longer there, and instead of 1977 l 50 coin there is a picture of the anvil and the hammer on a stone. To evaluate a coin it is necessary that these parameters are respected; in this regard there are specific acronyms grades that serve as a reference to indicate the economic estimate. Very Fine BB or VF indicates that the coin has only some characteristics of 1977 l 50 coin and tear that do not affect the legibility. The minting axes indicate the orientation of the two sides of the coin. On 1977 l 50 coin right the year of mintage, under the symbol of the Mint of Rome and the face value is on the right and left of the stone. 1977 l 50 coin


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