Acorn plains 4 star coins

acorn plains 4 star coins

On the star coin guide there is a level that has blooper next to it how do I get to that level? This level has pipes and moving mushroom platforms with Piranha Plants. The first Star Coin is above and to the right of the first set of pipes. To. Flutter off of the final rolling hill and follow the trail of coins to get the [3rd Star Coin] and the top of the flagpole. Acorn Plains Piranha Heights Make sure to get. acorn plains 4 star coins

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New Super Mario Bros U Deluxe All Acorn Plains Star Coins and Secret Exits The second Star Coin is in a warp pipe. Quickly jump up them and grab the [2nd Star Coin] near the third platform before it goes back into the wall. Run past the pipe to the left and jump at the ceiling to find the acorn plains 4 star coins. This does not affect Nabbit. To start, the levels are shorter and you only have seconds to finish each one, instead of the longer drawn-out levels from New Super Mario Bros.


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