Ancient indo greek coins

ancient indo greek coins

Indo-Greeks were excellent coin smiths and the fabric far exceeded than the true Greek coins. Indo-Greeks did not like abstract shapes and so they modified Greek. Coins of the Greek and Scythic Kings of. Bactria and India in the British Museum,. C.A.I. Coins of Ancient India. A. Cunningham. C.H.I. Cambridge History. THE HISTORY BEHIND INDO-GREEK COINS. The Indo-Greek coins are a very important source of ancient Indian history. The.

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ALEXANDER III the GREAT Ancient Greek Coins COLLECTING GUIDE to Types in Gold Silver \u0026 Bronze Among these was Eucratidiawhich was named after its ruler. But it is fact that his coins are a great rarity in India and it seems that his coins have come from Bactria. In the same way, there is coinage of Hermaios at the obverse in Greek legendbut with a reverse of the koushan Kujula Kadphises in Kharosthi. We ancient indo greek coins far too little to say what is right or wrong, but what is certain is that Maues was not a "Saka invader" from the North of the Hindukush. But Seleucus Nicator gave them to Sandrocottus in consequence of a marriage contract, and received in return five hundred elephants. This can be the reason for a ancient indo greek coins system, with a king of Bactria ruling nominally all of the kingdom but in fact just the part West and North of the Hindukush, and a co-opted King ruling East of it, but with the Bactrian king having the precedence over the Indo-Greek one. Although Greek crypto com wallet app Roman literature speaks of about 6 Greco-Bactrian kings, coins number more than 32 kings.

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Many coins bearing this name have been discovered, but the chronological field of those coins is really too large for only one King. This hoard is known as the Mir Zakah hoard. Demeterios - I was the first ruler to strike square copper coins in bilingual format, Kharoshti on the reverse and Greek on the obverse. A deep study of the coin legends shows that Greco-Bactrian kings, at least at some point, used their titles in a different way from other Hellenistic kingdoms. The name of the monarch and his royal titles were also mentioned in the reverse in Greek. Lack of information is a common problem for historians of the Greco-Bactrian and Indo-Greek Kingdoms. ancient indo greek coins


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