Big mac coins on ebay

big mac coins on ebay

You will receive Mcdonald's Big Mac Coin Maccoin 50 Years Anniversary COIN SEALED Fast shipping. The coin idea sprung from the role that the Big Mac has played in measuring bottle of sauce used in the burger for roughly $95, on eBay. Aug 3, - ~McDonalds MacCoins 25 Coins of Big Mac Limited Edition Anniversary Gift~ | Collectibles, Advertising, Restaurants & Fast Food | eBay! Eventually, we'll all go back to receiving a simple Big Mac with our Big Mac order, and when that time comes, we'll have to be resourceful. It's understandable that McDonald's wants to mark the occasion, and it's highly fortunate that they're doing so by giving out free Big Macs. Right now, that means heading to eBay to search for MacCoins, as we've already received reports that some McDonald's locations are running out -- just hours after the promotion started. The coins will feature five different designs, big mac coins on ebay for each of the Big Mac's decades, big mac coins on ebay references to the art, music, and pop culture of the period, and they'll also feature seven languages -- Arabic, English, Indonesian, Mandarin, Portuguese, French, and Spanish -- along the rim of the coin as a tribute to the countries participating. So you can either collect them all; give them to someone else; or use it to make your Big Mac a buy-one-get-one.


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