Bulgarian coins

bulgarian coins

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Bulgarian coins -

Coins of the third lev — [ edit. Both were designed by Alfred Borrel — , a prominent French sculptor of the time. These coins circulated in Bulgaria, Romania and Moldova and gave their name to the respective currencies the Bulgarian lev, Romanian leu , and Moldovan leu. The first two words are written clockwise along the rim above the emblem, whereas the final word is engraved in the opposite direction at the periphery below. In , coins up to leva replaced notes, although lev notes were issued between and After World War II ended in , coins and banknotes issued by the monarchy continued to circulate in Bulgaria. Coins[ edit ] Comparison between Soviet left and Bulgarian right coins In , aluminum-bronze 1, 2, and 5 stotinki, and nickel-brass 10, 20 and 50 stotinki and 1 lev were introduced. After World War II ended incoins and banknotes issued by the monarchy continued bulgarian coins circulate in Bulgaria. Consequently, black market rates were five bulgarian coins ten times higher than the official rate. A number of commemorative 2 leva coins also circulated during this period, often released into circulation as they had relatively high production bulgarian coins and little collector's value. The piece is composed of a bronze alloy and measures 1 gram in mass bulgarian coins 15 millimeters in diameter. UntilBulgaria's silver and gold coins were issued to the same specifications as those of the Latin Monetary Union. They were then followed by a 20 stotinka piece on August 28 ; a 50 stotinka coin on April 15; and a 1 lev piece on January 1 Similar occurrences bulgarian coins this can be seen with high denomination coins from East Germany and Poland during the same period.

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