Can you mail coins via usps

can you mail coins via usps

You are not under any obligation to say they are coins. Simply say something like “Metal Parts”. No sense advertising to the postal worker or anyone else around. 1. Ship only via the US Postal Service. · 2. Packaging your coins for shipment to AGE · 3. If shipping Priority Mail — up to $5, in value · 4. If shipping US. › shipping-collectible-coins-golden-rule. can you mail coins via usps Print or neatly write your return address. You can rest assured that you have successfully covered the full value of your coin shipment. If nobody is present, the package is returned to the local Post Office and a green tag is left. If you accept our offer We'll forward a company check to you within 24 hours. The plastic sleeves also protect the item in case the package comes into contact with moisture or other elements while in transit. The second option is more expensive, and is generally offered as part of can you mail coins via usps comprehensive insurance policy that includes coverage of your collection or inventory. Provide quantities of items; dates and mintmarks on coins if applicable.


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