Car wash vacuum coin vault

car wash vacuum coin vault

Offering dependable, long lasting revenue generating car wash vacuum motors — Many of the coin operated vacuum car wash vacuum systems, manufacturers offer 2 , Vacuum w/ Bill Acceptor - Vault Ready, 3-Motor, V/ 20 Amp. The JE Adams VR car wash vacuum comes standard with the following either inside the equipment in a coin box or in a vault that is installed beneath the​. › pcoin-vault-locks-for-vac-mon. car wash vacuum coin vault

Car wash vacuum coin vault -

They have not seen widespread usage, but they definitely have been growing steadily in number and generating a lot of serious interest especially in new construction. No doubt, there are small and low-volume washes that can ill afford attendants. Not a soul has ever phoned the police and reported that something suspicious seemed to be going on at the local car wash. The most secure, clean system carries the coins underground through conduit to the pump room. VAULT VACS There are systems consisting of vacuum devices and pipe, which automatically suck all the coins from the coin boxes into one large, central safe in the equipment room. Vacuum features Double service doors offer easy access to clean out compartment and 4 filter bag system Coin acceptor Faceplate and coin box secured with pin car wash vacuum coin vault SSAC volt accumulating timer Lighted dome available in red, blue, yellow, dark green, light green, purple car wash vacuum coin vault white to compliment your car wash business brand Hose 5cm by 4. But weekly inspections of those lines and checking your coin revenue against your metered counters allays that worry. Meter disconnects, while not terribly common, have proven to be enough of a problem that encasing the meter in steel is a growing trend. Multiple wash owners really appreciate vault vacs. The walls and ceiling coin of the realm definition as important as the bulbs and wattage — perhaps more so. Every time you stop, unlock a vault or a coin box, and focus on dumping coins, your attention is diverted — your back exposed. Unlikely scenario?

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