1. None of the vid’s give enough information about Trust Wallets fee’s or how you withdraw money from my account I’m still trying to work this one out.

  2. Le token est disponible sur plusieurs exchanges, le nombre de personnes qui en achètent vont augmenter et mécaniquement le prix avec (l’offre et la demande)! Donc le 24 sortie sur Uni, le prix devrait logiquement évoluer à la hausse.

  3.  @JStarStar00  If you actually think that people in imbalanced relationships have a HIGH tendency to exploit sexually, that's quite sad. Yes, it's a cliche but cliches don't translate to real life and this cliche is completely irrelevant to this series unless you want to ruin it. I am done. Obviously, you are busy intellectual man that doesn't argue with uneducated fools like me right? So I won't bother you. Lol 😂😂

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