Coin operated air machine

coin operated air machine

Will adapt to most coin operated Air/Water. ❖. Machines & Vacuums. Options. Stand Alone Vault with Coin Box in Vault. ❖. Stand Alone Vault with Concrete. J.E. Adams Single Hose Air Machine w/ GAST Compressor - Coin Operated. As Low As: $1, J.E. Adams Super Vac & Air Machine · Add to Cart. LISTING IS FOR A brand new Replacement rocking piston PUMP used in Coin operated Air Vending. These are a 3/4hp + PSI pump that restarts under. coin operated air machine A still further object is that all components but the compressor are in the device for easy access. Coins inserted in the coin mechanism pass through the mechanism and through a conduit into a coin vault. There is an opening 68 through which a padlock L locks the door shut. In use, coins are dropped into the coin ebay coins for sale 30 through conduit Side wall 54 has a vertical slot 58 which receives the right angle end 42 of door 40 so coin operated air machine the cooperation between the slot 58 and the right angle end 42 of door 40 allows the door to pivot and be removed when necessary. There is a hole coin operated air machine the top of the vault connecting the vault to the conduit from the coin mechanism.


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