David blaine coin bite trick

david blaine coin bite trick

The magician shows a coin, then he bites the coin and removes a piece of the coin, the coin is clearly shown to be missing a Tango Magic produces the highest quality gimmicked coins in the world. Tags: / Coin Tricks / Coin/Money Magic / David Blaine / Gimmicks / Magic Trick / Tricks amazing trick i use it all the time. Effect; ""You take a borrowed Quarter and visibly bite a section out of it. Then you visibly restore the coin. Then you hand the borrowed coin back to the spectator. "​. A biting coin trick was performed by David Blaine Coin has many uses. It is a real quarter that can fold not once but twice as the picture shows and then you can.

David blaine coin bite trick -

First check out the video of Blaine performing the trick, and then read the explanation below. He than shows the coin to the spectators and pretends to spit the missing piece back. We chose to use a high quality version of this effect. Avoid the cheaply made quarters as they are easy to spot by the audience. As he does that, he simply lets the folded half of the coin jump back into place. david blaine coin bite trick

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david blaine coin bite revealed


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