Davor coin latest news

davor coin latest news

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Davor coin latest news -

davor coin latest news


  1. В @humzilla707В  gold doesnt do anything ...money is a form of communication of value and bitcoin does this in the internet in the best form of money...immutable, borderless (not omes countries currency a currency for all) , censorship resistant ( no one can stop someones transactions), decentralized...fiat currency (cash) has no real value it gets printed out of thin air an stolen right out of your pockets...bitcoin there is only a certain amount ever to be created and deflationary ...the price increases because inflation of USD or whatever its being compared to..and because of supply/demand. Stay in cash an stay poor..also just so you know how scarce btc is there is less than 21million meaning not even every millionaire can own 1...if you own 1btc you own more than 99% of the population can ever own

  2. External wallets such as a paper wallet or the specialized hardware wallets are a good idea for absolute security, but for the general person I don't think they are that necessary. If you take proper precautions, such as using wallet software with a good reputation, then the chance of losing your crypto is super low.

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