Defective coins

defective coins

D 3-legged Buffalo nickel. /1 Mercury dime. /7-S Standing Liberty quarter. defective coins

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Divide and Conquer Defective Coin Weak strike or Die trial Occurs when there is insufficient pressure from the dies to leave a defective coins impression on the planchet. This can be because the equipment settings cause the metal strip to be rolled to an incorrect thickness or because the metal strip was intended for another coin denomination such as a quarter planchet cut defective coins a metal roll intended for dimes. The obv. When the defective coins break is large it is sometimes called a "cud. What looks like a mint error is defective coins a cleverly made up double headed coin, just slightly under weight. Recent encapsulations and sales at auctions reveal and examples of mintages on foreign planchet. Indent When a blank planchet partially overlaps another planchet in the striking chamber and gets struck, the overlapping area on the struck coin will exhibit a blank indented area from the other planchet being struck into it.


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