Electronic coin detector

electronic coin detector

Electronic coin detector for 6 different kind of coins or Token. Enclosed with electronic board and digital screen which displays units or credit time according the. Coin detector and counter: How to detect different types of coins from their The negative edge starts the conversion of the analog to digital converter, U Shop Top Brands at Low Prices in Electronics, Computers & More. electronic coin detector

Electronic coin detector -

Moreover, the movably mounted switch member is precluded from returning to the said one position by engagement with a string for maintaining the switch means in said first state and precluding reset of the timer means within the predetermined time interval, and thereby causing a timer means output. A more specific object of the present invention is to provide a coin detection and identifying mechanism that affectively identifies a test coin, in comparison to a sample coin, and that is substantially unaffected by electromagnetic interference. The microprocessor is programmed to compare the incoming signals with prerecorded values for coins of known denomination, so that the identity of each coin is thereby determined. The numerical values illustrated for the resistors 20 and 21 and capacitors 22 and 23 reflect the preferred embodiment, which results in a current having an oscillatory frequency of approximately 8. As a result, the switch means 10 is maintained in its first state by the engagement with the string 33, and the circuit of the timer means 36 is not reset within the predetermined time interval. Differential amplifier 27 is composed of U2, U3 and U4. The left arm of the sorter weigher holds a counterweight that will be lifted only if the coin is the correct weight. US currency is 2. Accordingly, no voltage is induced electronic coin detector the terminals of the center winding, indicating a matched condition about the center coil. The system of the design reliably identifies and counts each coin as it passes electronic coin detector the field, regardless of the rate of motion of the electronic coin detector, which pass through the field in a steady stream, or in an intermittent stream, such as in a fare box, for example. That is, once a test coin has been sensed and identified by the detector circuitry, improperly tilting the coin-operated device may cause the coin to back up and pass through the sensing circuitry again, affectively double-counting the single coin and, thus, circumventing the proper operation of the coin-operated device. Coils L1 and L3 are disposed symmetrically within the magnetic field generated by coil L2.

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Electronic coin detector -

More specifically, it is desired to provide a coin detection and identifying machine that offers improved resistance to the traditional gimmicks, but is also desensitized to high levels of electromagnetic interference. Note the pistons that grab it when it detects an insert. In this regard, reference is briefly made to FIG. Since the current through the series connected coils is the same, the magnetic fields established about each of these two coils is identical. There are also many ways to circumvent the proper operation of these machines.


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