Greysheet coins

greysheet coins

The Greysheet ( is a key pricing reference for dealers and advanced collectors about the wholesale side of the coin market that. The Greysheet app delivers professional-level pricing and research information for coin dealers, investors and collectors. Greysheet has been expanding. The wholesale guide to coin prices is a monthly publication called the "Coin Dealer Newsletter" (or "CDN" for short). Because this newsletter is.

Greysheet coins -

If you succeed in changing the perception and don't adjust the prices, there would be a defacto increase in selling price. Although the Greysheet can be a helpful reference when buying or selling coins, keep in mind that these prices are wholesale prices and often imply multiple coin sales with little or no customer service involved. Because this newsletter is printed on grey paper, coin dealers refer to it as the "Greysheet. Mint sets , in a wide range of coin grades. The Greysheet lists prices for all major U. John- we've corresponded on 3 cent silvers, business strikes, , which I still think you have undervalued. Submitted by Marilyn Greysheet coins. The best I can tell you in cases like this is we watch for new transactions and react accordingly. I think it's more likely that the ebay coin is overpriced than demand isn't there. So arguably, decreasing prices is not a change in value. Just greysheet coins patient. Click to expand This fourth piece has languished on eBay for about six months. greysheet coins


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