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This took place during the fourth century when a traveller named Frumentius converted Aksum's ruler, King Ezana. The old religious symbols of the sun and the. Beginning in the late third century, the kings of Aksum minted gold, silver, Ezana's early coinage repeats the pagan crescent and disc symbol. Of the long line of kings who reigned in Axum between about the first and the by a cross. Under his successor Ezana the cross was promoted to the status of.

: King ezana coins

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King ezana coins The Roman solidus of Maurice Tiberius was king ezana coins. Later Christian coins reflect the adoptment of the 4. One of these was the use of just the inscription "King Aphilas" as the reverse of a coin, the only purely epigraphical side ever used on an Aksumite coin. The images were of his head and upper half of his chest in profile, wearing a regnal headcloth or helmet and abundant jewelry. They are based roughly on the size of older Roman As and Sestertius in shape and thickness. Endubis, the first king ezana coins Aksumite king to mint coins, focused almost entirely on his image on both the obverse and reverse.
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The coins were often inscribed in Greek, as king ezana coins of its trade was with the "Graecised Orient. Though no inscriptional evidence exists, given its prominent position around the image of the king, king ezana coins two ears of barley or wheat may have been representative symbols of the Aksumite state. In addition to the crown and headcloth, Aphilas's coins included further images of regalia, such as a spear, a branch with berries, the depiction of the arms, the addition of tassels with fringes to the imperial robe, and more jewelry, such as amulets and bracelets. King ezana coins names were used more often in conjuncture with personal names on earlier coins, while the epithets were more common in later years, being king ezana coins only inscribed name in a few sources. An estimated 98 percent of the city of Aksum [25] remains unexcavated, and other areas even more so. Numerous hoards of coins always gold save one silver coin have been found in Southern Arabia, much more than in Aksum itself, attesting perhaps to an Aksumite presence in parts of the region perhaps supporting the use of titles claiming control over parts of South Arabia from GDRT 's time.

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By the time coins were first minted in Aksum, there was widespread trade with Romans on the Red sea; Kushana or Persian influence also cannot be ruled out. Though rarely used, the vocalization of Ge'ez sometimes employed on Aksumite coins allows linguists to analyze vowel changes and shifts that cannot be represented in the older Semitic abjads such as Hebrew , Arabic , South Arabian , and earlier, unvocalized Ge'ez. Weight standards Gold coins The gold coin weighed on average 2. Whereas all of Endubis's coins feature the king with a headcloth or helmet, Aphilas's coins show the king wearing an impressive high crown on top of the headcloth. This would make it half an Aureus which weighed 4. In addition to historical evidence, the coins' use of Ge'ez provides valuable linguistic information. Aphilas's bronze issue, however, was instead doubled to 4.


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