Mario bros ds star coins

mario bros ds star coins

The Walkthrough section offers the locations of Star Coins in each level, as well as secret passages, and. New Super Mario Bros. Summary: Mario's first New and familiar enemies are everywhere in this DS adventure. For New Super Mario Bros. on the DS, Star Coin Location Guide by RX7InfinitiIII. In order to gain access to the Star Coin, get a Super Mushroom become Super Mario (i.e. normal sized, not small Mario) or Fire Mario and Butt.

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New Super Mario Bros. Wii - All Star Coin Locations (Complete Guide)

Mario bros ds star coins -

Coin 3: Past the checkpoint, jumping on the top moving platform will bring you directly past the second coin. Drop off the platform when it is all the way to one side, collect the coin, then jump back on the platform. Jump when it highlights the shell. Revised Coin 3 section in stage 3-S, submissions by navyinthemaroons hotmail. You may have to bounce a few times before you get the timing right. mario bros ds star coins The third coin is hidden underneath some blocks that seal it off from you being able to reach it. Coin 2: About two-thirds of the way up; throw a koopa shell into the cage on the left side, and it will work its way down to the coin on the right side. Coin 2: Again, impossible to miss. Jump on top of this, then off the right side; the coin is readily mario bros ds star coins. Super Espio also found this method and sent it to me a mere 20 hours mario bros ds star coins 21 minutes after SA's came in. Drop down into the lowest green pipe.


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