String of coins plant

string of coins plant

or multiple shorter strands. Items shown are similar to picture but not identical. Items will be shipped within 7 business days. Plants will. Dischidia nummularia gets its common name, String of Nickels, because it looks like long strings of coins. Dischidia Nummularia Care. These. The Peperomia 'Pepperspot' is an adaptable plant that loves to use its vines to climb and to vine – being just a tad bit extra never hurt anybody! While frequently​.

String of coins plant -

Try ebay or etsy or even a Facebook group. Raffaele Thursday 8th of October Hi Jaynie, I would need to see a photo in order to try and help. They are arranged opposite the tendrils, have an orbicular shape they are round, they look like coins , they are very fleshy, flat upper part and curved underside convex , small but conspicuous petioles and greyish green. Lindsey Friday 24th of April I bought a Dischidia Nummularia Variegata clipping from a really awesome lady on Etsy a couple months ago maybe? I keep seeing that the Variegata is more difficult than the regular green Nummularia I know that they love warmth and humidity. I really appreciate anything at all. Did anything change? I've mostly dealt with common succulents, but am still learning there too. String of coins plant more inspiration? It does not support prolonged stagnation of water because it rots easily. string of coins plant


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