Trump prayer coin

trump prayer coin

For only $45 you can establish a “point of contact” with God via a gold-plated coin engraved with President Trump and King Cyrus' faces. Former Charlotte televangelist Jim Bakker and prosperity gospel preacher Lance Wallnau have teamed up to sell a gold-plated 'prayer coin' for. Recently Wallnau showed-up on the Jim Bakker television program to hawk his Cyrus-Trump prayer coins. According to this piece at Esquire.

Trump prayer coin -

Pray that his enemies will cease to be enemies and that many be delivered from the hatred, distortion and rage that holds them. I believe Nations are in a fragile formative stage and need to come forth. What constitutional crisis? You are the utmost best!! The captivity was ended by king Cyrus decree that the Jews to return back to Jerusalem. There's nothing like a televangelist to remind you this is a nation of salesmen. trump prayer coin


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