Where can i get rid of foreign coins

where can i get rid of foreign coins

Unless it is a significant amount, changing coins isn't worth it. The amounts are small and most banks and foreign exchanges won't accept coins generally. Your best option for getting rid of coins is to spend them on the way out of the country where they're local currency, exchange them for bills before leaving the country, or send them to an online currency buyer that accepts coins, like Leftover Currency. We buy your leftover currency and foreign coins for cash. Get paid for the old money in your drawers, even for obsolete or phased-out banknotes and coins.

Where can i get rid of foreign coins -

Donate Coins to a School Coins from different countries can be used by teachers for a variety of lessons including history and banking. Leftover Currency accepts all 19 pre-Euro currencies. They make wonderful pieces of artwork, especially when done tastefully with professional art supplies. You get to show off all the pictures you took and gifts you bought, which is always a great time with family and friends. Other places you'll find people who might be interested in buying your coins are garage sales and online ads, and local schoolteachers that might want them for their classroom; or you can donate your coins to a local child who is just starting her own coin collection. Let me present you with a situation I am sure you all find yourself in if you travel a few times a year. Simply clean your coins in soapy water or disinfectant and then find an interesting glass bottle to put them in. Donate Them to Charity You can always make a change in the world, especially if you have foreign coins lying around. At the Airport Because it can be a challenge to exchange foreign coins for American money or goods in the States, many travelers choose to use their foreign currency at the international airport before boarding the flight back home. Coin Collectors The World Coin Gallery provides a venue for trading your foreign coins with other interested parties, often for currency from another country. Give Coins as Gifts If you have a friend that has always wanted to travel, give your coins to them as a gift, especially if they're from a country your friend wants to visit. Use them on your fridge as a creative way to display your travels. Or when you where can i get rid of foreign coins home, seek out friends or family members who are planning an international trip and exchange the coins with them in advance of their travels.


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