Yo kai watch qr codes special coin

yo kai watch qr codes special coin

Thank you: Five-Star Coin · CHAR1SMA: Pink Coin · STR3NGTH: Orange Coin · MYST3RY: Yellow Coin · 33R Excitement Coin · C0URAG3: Red. A special coin for the Crank-a-kai. Acquired by, Acquired from inputing passwords and QR codes from real life promotional events, internet and magazines. clubpenguinwalkthrough.website › wiki › QR_Codes.

Yo kai watch qr codes special coin -

Berry Seeds. Ride the train to Green Street Station and go to the far left of the train platform. Special Nyans Jet Bell. You can battle Hovernyan once per day. Strawbnyan will be in the classroom to the left of the bathrooms.

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Yo-Kai Watch - ALL 5 Gemnyan / Jewelnyan QR Codes for U.S. and EU! [Tips \u0026 Tricks]


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