I instead checked eBay and examined the listings for the Diablos and found a couple of sellers with tens of thousands of overwhelmingly positive feedback. Save your money n spend the extra 70bucks. Instruction 4 weeks ago. I would definitely buy from them again. Read carefully the about us citation.

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Delivery is phree throughout the world. We just went to Golfsmith to compare. Cit yourself, if the clubs do not come through the proper channels, then where on Earth do they get them from?

Callaway Razr X irons help please. | Golf Monthly

We carefully hand-select every clubs to make sure that our customers will receive the best golf clubs. While I’m not going to buy from him, in the interest of full disclosure he sent a subsequent message saying he had the number but was on the road and could provide it later, and that he sent the first message because he’s had buyers get mad at him for not being able to immediately provide the number.

This was obviously a huge relief, so my advice to anyone who has been stung would be to speak to their bank immediately. Delivery will of course be free, but even less than free, if you live in the Shenzen region. The 6-iron’s plastic has some scrapes, but the club was pristine.

They are easily copied. Here you can find golf clubs for sale at the best price, such as newest…. Any help is appriciated, thanks. Are the graphics sharp and in the same spot as the retail ones?


Callaway Razr X irons help please.

VERY pleasing to the ears. So ask yourself where on Earth does it get it golf clubs from? Does this mean the clubs are bogus????

By colin15 hours ago in Tour Talk. Fascinating topic and good comments.

Please rest assured to purchase from us. So, after my return to golf this past year, I have met most of last years goals. However upon sending them an email telling them their stuff is so fske I cant give them away they sent me an email back saying the rzar are genuine they dont sell fakes!

Callaway RAZR FIT Driver Editor Review

So they turn to the U. Is my driver fake help. R11 driver is currently You are not a good enough golfer to know the difference but if you were to replace your fake clubs with the real thing, you would knock a few strokes or more off your handicap and no longer be handicapped by crap clubs made by people who are undermining everyones economy.

Do the big sales come in October or November?

My clubs arrived in great shape and I had actually talked to one of the guys at the shop at garagesalegolf before they shipped as I had inquired about a speedier shipment and they called me to try to rush it out I ended up choosing the normal route which still arrived a couple of days faster than I thought it would. Their prices are just too low to believe. Thanks, can’t see anything on the 8 iron. Now to the face which of course has some funny shaped hyperbolic symbol in the center which Callaway in one form or another has been using for years.


Every shot is going right. Everything about this shaft screams high quality and high performance. Tim, Have you looked closely at the website or just the pretty pictures of golf clubs with amazing prices? It even lets you pick the loft and flex. There were subtle differences in the lettering on the headcover and the head itself that you would not know if not looking at a real one side by side with the fake. My impression is the eBay protection is more effective because it carries bigger incentives to sellers to make things right.

Having played with a D before I really can’t tell the difference. Its the right flex for me and in perfect shape but not knowing much about shafts will this effect its playability at all?