Font Selection By Id Text Height uint Font Name asc16 Descriptor Size ubyte Character Height uint Stroke Weight sbyte

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Move Cap Horizontal columns Dual-pitch-space Char Segment Returning A Printer For Service Print Cartridge Tips Problems And Solutions Printing Cutsheet With Z-fold Media Stroke Weight sbyte Hp Forum On Compuserve Half-width-space Character Code Font Scaling Technology Hp Developer Exchange Short Print Cartridge Life Delta X sint Move Cap Vertical hp Pcl Units Minimum System Requirements Character Enhancement Segment Installing The Printer Driver Character Set uint16 Y Resolution uint Vertical Positioning Commands Raster Data Transfer Syntax Of Escape Sequences Troubleshooting Flowcharts – Self-test Section Transfer Raster By Plane Descriptor Size ubyte Page Setup Options Character Height uint Print Quality Problems Full-width-space Character Code Width Type sbyte Display Functions Mode Off Power-off With Continuous Media Table of contents Front View Cell Width uint Font Name asc16 Perforation Skip Mode Table Of Contents