Totally can not recommend the Gen10 “devices”. The ZFS filesystem stores a lot of checksum data, so you can’t use all the space for your files. Your name or email address: Highpoint does not have a very good track record, their cards all seem full of issues. Overall I am quite satisfied with my box, as I demand very little of it in terms of performance and it gave me the opportunity to have ECC at a low price point.

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We used 4 WD Red Pro disks of 10 terabytes. PylorApr 18, Totally can not recommend the Gen10 “devices”. I had my first disk failure about a year ago.

Nov 14, Messages: Forums Search Forums Recent Posts. Drives are not detected on sata card with marvell 88SE chipset Does this also mean you don’t have any output from fdisk -l or lsblk?

Dec 19, Messages: Apr 20, I would ask, why do you ask? Discussion in ‘ Hardware ‘ started marbell Dwarf CavendishDec 22, I’m still on 4.

Last Drivers  P4S533-E DRIVER

Intel vs Marvell for cheap raid

But i wasn’t able to make it work. Mar 9, 1. And I mean totally sudden with nothing logged anywhere.

From what I understand this setup can suffer one drive failure per vdev and does not require any parity calculations. PylorApr 19, Benched both Intel and marvell and they are the same, Marvell is a nip faster.

SATA Controllers

Perhaps, just to see if it makes a difference, it’s worth a try to change for example: Apr 19, 9. Frankly I think we will struggle to fill this amount of storage. By continuing to use this site, you are consenting to our use of cookies. Dwarf CavendishJan 10, Bottom line both are alright but not great. So what I am wondering: This is what I get: You must log in or sign up to reply marvell. Side question on the Marvell 88SE My initial idea was to be able to expand the ZFS pool with an additional drive later if I need more space, as this is a feature that recently has been added to ZFS and of which I trust that it will find its way to FreeNAS at some point.


December current state of Marvell 88SE compatibility? | FreeNAS Community

While comparing the lspci outputs I see there are some differences between our cards, you’ve got a rev 10, mine is a rev Isn’t this basically the kind of setup danb35 is suggesting, only with postponing the actual striping of marvfll But I think they did fix the issue, it’s your gamble.

Marbell 28, Messages: Replacing the failed drive was easy and didn’t really take very long. Also, realize that you will only have a little more than 3TB of usable storage.

With Intel crystal can see each disk but HDtune cannot, it just sees the raid and can’t give you temp but does give smart. I do not make videos for a hobby and our media library consists of DVDs and 88se923 disks sitting in a bookshelf.