Tried other usb ports, nada. Quoting me causes a posting error that you need to ignore. Your comment will only be submitted if the strings match. I don’t know but I assume it works fine since something is definitely happening but I don’t know what. When I press the button the curser jumps up and left and when I released it, the curser jumps further left. Please login or register. Left and right button switches are intermittent so i’ll be replacing those this weekend.

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That’s a real drag for some people So I decided to write a review of the trackballs I have known and mostly loved. The little Mac that could.

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Some of the 32U4 modules are small enough that they might fit inside the FX, above the main board. The contour perfectly fits the hand as if one was made for the other.

The patent that covers it has expred already. It serves as a token from an almost embarrassingly pitiful lesson in technological humility — how something once trrackman, shiny, mafble, and amazing can be quickly rendered worthless and derelict by an apathetic hand a coat of mud.

Over the last weekend, i revived one of my old FX trackmen by fluxing and re-flowing the pins of the mcu on the main board. The voyager has three buttons positioned around the ball.


The cordless receiver was a rather large, clunky thing which was common to all Logitech cordless keyboards, mice and trackballs for quite some time. I pulled it out and realized that it was a red trackball for a Logitech TrackMan Marble.

Hi Geoff, thanks for your reply! Kavik on Sun, 01 October When Marbl recently made an attempt to clean out a storage room in my house, I was confronted with evidence of just how long and how strong that preference has been. You can always change your theme.

The stream lies in a flood plain that gathers nearly all the water runoff in the area when it rains, so it regularly overflows its banks. trackmab

Trackman Marble FX USB conversion anybody?

Model M users often use this guy I’ve tested one with good results myself: Designs that followed paled in comparison in the areas of comfort and useability.

However, the manual walks you through installation, making set up easy and quick. I am not alone! The trackball type mouse is perhaps the most underated mouse. Need it in a hurry try these guys, my puppy chew the wires and I was lost without it. I put a K keyboard and an M trackball paired to one Unifying receiver at home, and the same setup plus an M Touch Mouse on the desk at my day job.

I’m using MarbleScroll, which was a small utility designed to help trackballs without a scrollwheel emulate this by holding down a mouse button and using the trackball. It uses a specially finished ball and an optical sensor to read the movement, providing much better precision while eliminating all moving parts other than the ball itself.


Shame they haven’t made any in almost 15 years. In the end, I walked away with a nifty red trackball, half-bleached orange from years in the sun, that I still have in my collection. I don’t know but I assume it works fine since something is definitely happening but I don’t know what. There are also Forward and Back 8 and 9 buttons. The Microsoft Trackball Explorer might have been an option, but it seems to be impossible to get nowadays. Rx ways up the track,an, I found a makeshift junkyard of soiled, broken goods both tossed and washed in from every direction.

Logitech Trackman Marble FX Trackball

As I recall, there was an objection by a French designer from whom Logitech blatantly stole the concept and, since he held the patent, Logitech did some ceasing and desisting. Used to have the old white Microsoft Explorer Trackball, now have the newer grayish silver one, which I am tdackman right now.

It has a ball about the size of a pea, which was very easy to roll with your thumb. For a few weeks, the unit served as a strange fence ornament in my back yard until my wife complained about it, then I threw it out.