1.  @Serenitykayyy  Nickelodeon, Disney, the vibes, music was crazyyy. The fact that we’re dead not getting that back makes me sickkkk & depressed sometimes I cry so much bc of it

  2. I even thought I'm the only one she has helped walk through the fears and falls of trade

  3. В @Peter FaulknerВ  She's obviously the best, i invested $3000 and she made a profit of $28,000 for me in just 15 days

  4. В @Eric JacksonВ  You just mentioned and recommendated Mr Gary c'mon am a living testimony of his strategies рџ’Ї

  5. В @Jude ReardonВ  exactly, if the all powerful being who created the universe and everything in it cant be bothered to spend 30 seconds revisiting to see how its going or to prove existence at least once in 2000 years and is silently watching the devil win by a landslide, then i doubt he is gonna care about the performance of a bot on digital money

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