1921 american dollar coin

1921 american dollar coin

USA Coin Book Estimated Value of Morgan Silver Dollar is Worth $34 in Average Condition and can be Worth $56 to $ or more in Uncirculated. The obverse text on the Peace Dollar reads “Liberty; In God We Trvst (Trust); ” The reverse text on the silver dollar reads “United States of America; E Pluribus. Our price guide shows the value of a Morgan Dollar. The obverse of the silver one dollar coin has a bust of a female facing the left wearing a cap and. 1921 american dollar coin

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How much is 1921 High Relief Peace Dollar worth? Rare silver coins worth money! These have the earmarks of earlier Proofs-flashy, reflective fields, and there is some slight cameo contrast on a few specimens. The emphasis 1921 american dollar coin the Mint was not to commemorate this, but to shove them out the door as quickly as possible. Due to the nature of the dies, the strike on all dollars is apt to be shallow. Turning 1921 american dollar coin the reverse, the leaves in the wreath are now very flat, most feathers in the eagle's neck have merged and the very tip of the wings lack any detail. In this condition your Morgan silver dollar value is tied mostly to bullion silver price. Only proofs were minted that year, and just of them were produced.


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