Trade dollar coin 1873

trade dollar coin 1873

US Trade Dollar Pattern (Counterfeit) Sure enough, Chris, that's a Trade Dollar pattern coin form If it were genuine, it would be worth a bundle. The first trade dollars were struck during a ceremony held on July 11, Forty thousand pieces were issued in the first release, on July The Carson City. Here is a fantastic very detailed history of the US Trade Dollar. We have histories of all US coins here.

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1873 CC Silver Trade Dollar All high-grade business strikes of the trade dollar are rare to non-existent, leaving proofs to fill most of the demand from type collectors. Let every one obey with trembling! It's the same diameter and about the trade dollar coin 1873 weight as its predecessor the Seated Liberty dollar, and its portraiture is similar: a seated female figure representing Liberty on the obverse and a naturalistic eagle on the reverse designs prepared by Mint Chief Engraver William Barber. Inmillions were dumped into circulation in the United States when silver prices plummeted, making them worth substantially more as money than as metal. The bill provided, in part, for the striking of trade dollars which held legal tender status up to five dollars. Having no other ready outlet, miners trade dollar coin 1873 advantage of this one. Willem, John M. trade dollar coin 1873


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